Monday 13 July 2015

Oliver Goldsmith for President

Thanks for all the positive comments following our sudden return on Friday. We won't go away; just rest our eyes occasionally. We blog for the joy of specs and here is one of the brands where it all began, Oliver Goldsmith. These are President, reissued from 1964.

Friday 10 July 2015

Crystal clear Cazal 642, 644 and 656

Cazal has re-issued these three 1990s sunnies in clear crystal actetate. He wears Cazal 656, a style inspired by the legendary Cazal 642, and created in collaboration with New York streetdance artist Dameion “Rhythm Child” Williams.

Meanwhile, she wears Cazal 644, originally launched in 1991, while nobody wears the aforementioned Cazal 642 from where one can spot the influence on its cousin the 656.