Monday 29 November 2010

Drift glasses: Feel good and look good in wood

Drift glasses: Feel good and look good in wood

Drift glasses: Feel good and look good in wood

Drift glasses: Feel good and look good in wood
Wooden glasses are really taking off. They began mainly in the luxury end of the spectacles market but prices are increasingly reasonable.

These latest timber offerings are from Drift Eyewear.

If you think these wooden temples – the fronts are acetate – are simply jigsawed out of some large plank and sanded down, think again. They are actually steel-reinforced, layered with hardwood on the outside another wood like maple on the inside. They're waterproof and UV-proof. Woods used include wenge, maple, bamboo and, like the one below, walnut... More interesting design info here.

All wood is sourced from FSC-certified suppliers and Drift, as well ensuring that its manufacturing is ecologically sound, is also a member of 1% for the Planet, where said percentage of sales helps environmental groups around the world.

So as well as feeling good in your face, they wooden spectacles will give you a warm glow inside.

Drift glasses: Feel good and look good in wood - walnut

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Super releases 14 shades and frames for a cold, sunny winter

Super releases 14 shades and frames for a cold, sunny winter: Lucia in caramel

Super releases 14 shades and frames for a cold, sunny winter: People in crystal

Super releases 14 shades and frames for a cold, sunny winter: Andrea Francis

Retro Super Future has launched 14 new styles for Winter 2011 including these three, from the top: Lucia in caramel, People in crystal and Andrea Francis. As you can see, Super, is also starting to sell optical frames as well as sunglasses.

Saturday 20 November 2010

Leisure Society luxury eyewear - the best keeps getting better

When I ventured over to Paris, one of the most interesting collections I came across was a new one: Leisure Society by Shane Baum.

Shane is the man behind many an amazing pair of glasses. Not only has he developed a cutting-edge eye fashion business, working making eyewear for brands such as Paul Frank and Modern Amusement, but he's also worked in conjunction with some of the biggest names in fashion, including Louis Vuitton.

It was particularly impressed to find that Shane had worked on the "Bling Bindi" shades that featured here back when we started.

Shane knows good stuff when he sees it so when I heard the Leisure Society was a top-notch luxury collection  I knew I would not be disappointed.

Believe me, these frames are incredible.

They're some of the coolest, most up-to-the-second designs around, and they are beautifully made. Titanium frame plated with 12-18 and 24-carat gold with detail that you need a magnifying glass to truly appreciate, the Leisure Society is only available in some of the best opticians in the world...

Thursday 18 November 2010

(Feels like) heaven - Orgreen 2011 eyewear for the gods

From dearth to heaven on earth.

EWG apologises for the lengthy break.

Usually when time is scarce, pictures arrive without us doing much work. 

Not this past week or so though - far more spam than specs in the mailbox.

But we return with some sublime images from Danish spectacle superstars Ørgreen, from its 2011 ad campaign.

(Feels like) heaven by the Fiction Factory is one of those class tunes from the 1980s, which immediately started playing in my head.

It's on the album, Throw the Warped Wheel Out...

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Freeway Eyewear 2010 - the inroads of Californian sunglasses

Freeway Eyewear is a new one to me and that because it's a new one generally, launching earlier this year.

Here I feature pictures of Lily and Josh wearing L.A. Rays (top), Freeway 405, my favourite (above) and Freeway 10 (left).

I love it that in California even the road infrastructure is cool enough to lend its names to eyewear. Can't imagine that here in London - Motorway M25 sunglasses. Doesn't quite have the same ring to it.

So who are Freeway sunglasses aimed at? According to founder Alex Israel, "Freeway sunglasses are made for international shipping magnates, lithe gamines, American gigolos, blonde bombshells, ladies-who-lunch, country-club tennis pros, martyred grunge rockers, post-modern architects, Bat-Mitzvah tutors, out-of-work actors, psychic friends and you."

Freeway Eyewear is available from a few places on the west and east coasts, from and soon from Freeway's own online store.

Tuesday 2 November 2010

Large black acetate glasses in Larchmont Village, LA

Afraid I don't know who makes these great glasses, snapped by HiStyley in Larchmont, Los Angeles. Ideas welcome...

Monday 1 November 2010

Prada Swing sunglasses debuting at Selfridges

Good news for anyone looking to get their hands these Prada  Swing sunglasses: they are slowly becoming available. While I can't see them on the website yet, they're rumoured to be available exclusively from Selfridges from today and here on for the UK. 

I'll update when I know more places to buy...

In the US Prada Swing are available at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Now also available at Sunglass Hut.