Thursday 30 January 2014

KISS in John Varvatos Eyewear Spring 2014 ad campaign

KISS in John Varvatos Eyewear Spring 2014 ad campaign KISS in John Varvatos Eyewear Spring 2014 ad campaign
Well before Miley Cyrus was showing us her tongue, New York rockers KISS were putting their taste buds on display, with better make-up to boot. Here are some striking images from John Varvatos Eyewear's Spring 2014 ad campaign. Inspired by the KISS album, Dressed to Kill, the images feature the group in full makeup wearing John Varvatos sunglasses and suits.

Wednesday 29 January 2014

Spike Lee stars in Cazal's 2014 lookbook

Cazal 2014 lookbook - The Director's Cut, featuring Spike Lee

Cult film director Spike Lee makes a guest appearance in Cazal's 2014 lookbook, shot by photographer Armen Djerrahian in Brooklyn. Here we give you a taster but to see the full lookbook, visit Cazal...

Cazal 179 Cazal 670 Cazal 866 her and Cazal 633 him Cazal 6004

Tuesday 28 January 2014

CW Dixey & Son Chartwell 02 spectacles

We've featured CW Dixey & Son glasses here previously – good to see them still going strong. These are the classy Chartwell 02, perfect if you want a pair to peer over with a slightly disapproving look!

And it was just announced that CW Dixey will be featured in the Linley Exhibition in London, celebrating British design, craftmanship, engineering and innovation. CW Dixey will feature alongside Rolls-Royce, McLaren, Lobb and Bremont watches, among many other distinguished names. More here...

Sunday 26 January 2014

Cubitts glasses online: Brunswick, Herbrand and Wicklow

Cubitts glasses online: Brunswick
Cubitts glasses online: HerbrandAfter having taken a bit of breather, EWG returns to find some interesting trends in the world of glasses. There suddenly appear to be quite a few websites, sometimes with a physical shop like Playn Eyewear, offering very good value, quality specs for around the £100 mark.

Cubitts has caught my eye: good Italian acetate, pin drilling, barrel hinges, decent lenses... the list goes on! And as is fairly typical for online sellers now, you get to choose up to four pairs in a home trial, before you choose the frame you really fancy. Above is Brunswick, left is Herbrand and below is Wicklow.
Cubitts glasses online: Wicklow