Sunday 26 January 2014

Cubitts glasses online: Brunswick, Herbrand and Wicklow

Cubitts glasses online: Brunswick
Cubitts glasses online: HerbrandAfter having taken a bit of breather, EWG returns to find some interesting trends in the world of glasses. There suddenly appear to be quite a few websites, sometimes with a physical shop like Playn Eyewear, offering very good value, quality specs for around the £100 mark.

Cubitts has caught my eye: good Italian acetate, pin drilling, barrel hinges, decent lenses... the list goes on! And as is fairly typical for online sellers now, you get to choose up to four pairs in a home trial, before you choose the frame you really fancy. Above is Brunswick, left is Herbrand and below is Wicklow.
Cubitts glasses online: Wicklow

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