Tuesday 30 March 2010

The Hundreds 2010 Phoenix sunglasses in black and purple

The Hundreds 2010 Phoenix sunglasses in black and purple
I still like The Hundreds' Phoenix sunglasses and like its decision to opt for matte finishes in purple, black and white.

Monday 29 March 2010

2010 sunglass trend's nail on the head: Oscar Magnuson

Oscar Magnuson's first sunglasses collection. These are Debbie.
I've been promising myself, and herewith have started promising you, to use my daily exposure to all things fashion eyewear to string together some tenuous generalisations - fashion journalism style - about the glasses one should be wearing au soleil this year. It's all  in my head and ready to be unleashed anyday now, but for now let's give you a little clue.

These are Oscar Magnuson, the Swedish brand I reported on last month, and these tick two of my trend boxes for 2010. All will be revealed soon.

Sunday 28 March 2010

Heston Blumenthal's glasses by Bugatti in spotlight with Waitrose campaign

Heston Blumenthal wears customised Bugatti glasses in the Waitrose campaign

UK supermarket Waitrose has begun a huge marketing drive featuring Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal, above, and the UK's favourite cook Delia Smith. TV ads, billboards and print ads for Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith's recipe for great food have once again got people asking where they can buy the chef's specs. I've been inundated with emails, well two.

The glasses are by Bugatti, but it's not that simple. They're not easy to come by. Optician Michel Guillon's boutique, just off the Kings Road in London, offers exclusive Bugatti designs. Spectacles Blog says they're model number MG005, and that they're customised by Michel Guillon. Can you still get them? I'm not sure. Certainly, Guillon still stocks Bugatti models with "MG" product codes; his website features MG001 to MG008, except there's no MG005. :(

Fear not though, Bugatti has hundreds of great designs many of which incorporate some of Heston's glasses' features.

UPDATE, 27 May 2011
Heston has changed his glasses! He is now wearing a pair of Kirk Originals...

Saturday 27 March 2010

Fabris Lane launches first optical collection with classic acetates

Fabris Lane's first optical collection: Alice
Fabris Lane's first optical collection: Hugo
Fabris Lane's first optical collection: Alice

UK sunglass giant Fabris Lane has launched its first full optical collection, with vintage-inspired, classic styled acetates. Above is a double helping of Alice with Hugo in the middle. It's great too see a brand like Fabris Lane, which has always had an eye for fashion at an affordable price, venturing outside the sunglass market. I wish it well.

Friday 26 March 2010

Raised eyebrows all: Sabre Nuevo sunglasses from Down Under

These shades from Australian brand Sabre have that raised eyebrow feel to them; I love the black and white, the classic 50s / 60s look and the gold detail.

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Juanjo Oliva spring-summer 2010 sunglasses collection, from YFSpain

Juanjo Oliva spring-summer 2010 sunglasses collection, from YFSpain gafas. Model: Paris

When I found Ana Locking's new collection new sunglasses collection last week, I discovered another collection. Juanjo Oliva's S/S 2010 sunglasses are also made by YFSpain, which specialises in making eyewear and other accessories and selling them online for top Spanish designers.

YFSpain.com launched last month and is currently selling within the EU, but has plans to sell in the US. 

Juanjo Oliva's collection includes Paris above, Milan below, and Madrid after the jump. Hover over pictures for model names.

Juanjo Oliva spring-summer 2010 sunglasses collection, from YFSpain. Model: Milan

Sunday 21 March 2010

Oliver Peoples 2010 sunglasses: Wilder than most

Oliver Peoples 2010 sunglasses: Wilder
There's something about these latest sunglasses from Oliver Peoples that kind of pimps every other Wayfarer-style frame. They're shinier, darker, slightly Batmanish, mean looking, and the detail in the corners looks more detailed than most detail in the corners usually looks. These are Wilder from Oliver Peoples and they're good.

Saturday 20 March 2010

Wooden temples from Rye & Lye 2010 glasses

Rye and Lye 2010 glasses
Rye and Lye 2010 glasses
Rye & Lye, the high-end brand introduced one year ago by Immagine, continues to make some interesting simple and sophisticated frames. Last time I showed you some leather-templed Marrubas; these opt for wood instead.

Is this the best name for a sunglass brand in the world? Crap Eyewear

These are Nudie Mag sunglasses with mirrored lenses from Crap Eyewear.

If you like sunglasses, surf, beer, you might enjoy some of this Crap.

I love the logo on the temple. It speaks volumes about the eyewear industry, and Crap Eyewear knows it's all a bit of a joke..

Now I'm no phtographer but I know what I like and Chris Heim's  picture here, reminds me of Mykita's recent Lookbook pics, with sun's rays visible like that.

Friday 19 March 2010

Badgley Mischka 2010 Eyewear from Sama

There are some great sunglasses from Badgley Mischka in here, a top-quality line from Sama. I particularly like the first pair to walk the runway.

With thanks to Urban Optiques for the video - (other quality eyewear outlets are available...!)

Thursday 18 March 2010

Avatar's Sam Worthington wears Orgreen Chill 34 while Jennifer Lopez wears nothing...

Sam Worthington wear Orgreen Chill 34. Photo: AP

.., probably cause she's wearing contacts.

Sam Worthington is Jake Sully in Avatar and is in another fantastical film Clash of the Titans too.

J-Lo is a singer, actress, singer, record producer, dancer, fashion designer and television producer, but not a glasses wearer.

Ørgreen is a brilliant Danish spectacles designer, not only good at making fantastic glasses, but pretty good at getting them on fantastical faces too! Below is Chill 35 which, as you might expect, is similar to Chill 34, which Worthington is wearing.      (Photo above: AP.)

Orgreen Chill 35

Ana Locking's first sunglasses collection

Ana Locking 2010 sunglasses
Spanish designer Ana Locking has launched her first range of sunglasses and there's plenty to admire. Thanks to Kingdom of Style for finding these.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Kilsgaard Eyewear wins 2010 IF product design award

Kilsgaard glasses from Denmark

Kilsgaard glasses from Denmark

Kilsgaard glasses from Denmark

Kilsgaard glasses from Denmark

Measuring quality eyewear design per capita, Eye Wear Glasses has identified Aarhus, Denmark, as a talent hotspot, after Kilsgaard Eyewear was announced winner of the prestigious iF product design award.

Aarhus is also home to another quality eyewear company, which if I'm not mistaken has won similar awards in the past. Congratulations to Jacob and the team on achieving such a feat, just two years after the company began.

Collection#1 frames are made of aluminium, and the single screw in each hinge also secures the lenses in place. Designed in Denmark, working closely with architectural designers Bonnelycke, and produced in Italy and Denmark, Collection#1 makes the wait for #2 too long!.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

Sretsis Daisy sunglasses for 2010, in collaboration with Thierry Lasry

Sretsis Floral Pink Daisy Vulgary sunglasses (left) and Sretsis Crystal Brown Daisy Asphixy sunglasses (right) 2010

Sretsis Pearl White Asphixy sunglasses 2010

Sretsis autumn-winter 2010 daisy sunglasses, made in collaboration with Thierry Lasry - is he sourcing the best acetate of the year?

Each model has daisies in the corners but its the acetate itself that holds most of the detail.

There are two styles, Asphixy and Vulgary - hover over the images for descriptions.

Sretsis (sisters backwards) is the brand of Thai designer Pim Sukhahuta.

Thanks to Runway Noise for spotting these.
Sretsis Bubble Blue (left) and Floral Blue (right) Asphixy sunglasses 2010

Monday 15 March 2010

Leigh Hendrik Cosentino sunglasses concept

Leigh Hendrik Cosentino sunglasses concept

Leigh Hendrik Cosentino sunglasses concept

Leigh Hendrik Cosentino sunglasses concept
These remind me of a windscreen. Extremely modern, simple design from Leigh Hendrik Cosentino - a great look. What they would be like on is another matter, rather like the extreme aviator visors from Maison Martin Margiela last year, although at least these make a little space for the nose. I love the ice-cool lens colour combined with the blue in the temples.

Thanks to Format mag.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Ørgreen 2010 eyewear - dramatic designs for Denmark

Few frames are as bold and exciting as Ørgreen's, and I love this design drawing of Maximilian...

Friday 12 March 2010

Lady Gaga in Edeneyes sunglasses by Herr Von Eden and Mykita

Lady Gaga wears Edeneyes sunglasses by Herr Von Eden and Mykita

Edeneyes sunglasses by Herr Von Eden and Mykita
Amazingly, I haven't posted once about Lady Gaga, despite her obvious eyewear-wearing prowess.

Here she's wearing sunglasses by Mykita in collaboration with Herr Von Eden.

The model is Edeneyes and it's available in four colours in limited runs of 80 pieces. These beauties use Mykita's incredibly No. 2 hinge, reason enough to grab a pair quick, that's before we even get on to the terrific, timeless design.

Thursday 11 March 2010

Gucci 2010 sunglasses: GG1162 and GG3108 for him and her

Gucci 2010 sunglasses for men: GG1162
Gucci 2010 sunglasses for women: GG3108
Gucci GG1162 for men (top) and GG3108 for women. I like the top one, but then I am a man.

Wednesday 10 March 2010

RAEN Optics - the Deakin sunglasses in lynx tortoise

Raen Optics sunglasses: the Deakin

RAEN Optics' Deakin sunglasses are also available in black and white pinstripe, woodgrain and  brown whitewash.

Tuesday 9 March 2010

And some actual Louis Vuitton sunglasses for 2010: Impulsion

Louis Vuitton Impulsion 2010 sunglassesThese are no concept, like my other post today; they are real and you can order some today should you wish.

Louis Vuitton's Impulsion sunglasses for 2010 come in this orange, black, blue or yellow.
Louis Vuitton Impulsion 2010 sunglasses

Louis Vuitton concept sunglasses by Samal Design

These are only a concept for Louis Vuitton but I love them. They're by Dzmitry Samal at Samal Design. I've talked before architectural influence in eyewear design and this takes it to another level.

Monday 8 March 2010

Saturday 6 March 2010

Infinit's revolving home eyewear rack concept

Look out for more on Infinit in the coming days. For now, I give you its eyewear rack concept - good eh!? It holds six frames, illuminates and it goes round.

Friday 5 March 2010

RVS by V: handmade eyewear from Istanbul

Handmade in Turkey from Mazzucchelli acetate, and limited to around 1,500 frames per year, these are RVS by V sunglasses where the V presume is for Vidal Erkohen, the man behind the company. There are some great colours, a classy matte finish, and even some folding frames - what's there not admire?

Vintage Paloma Picasso - do sunglasses get more 1980s than these?

Vintage 1980s Paloma Picasso sunglasses from Japanese vintage eyewear site Solakzade.

Thursday 4 March 2010