Wednesday 1 June 2011

Monica wears Monoqool's minimal mass glasses

Monica wears Monoqool's minimal mass glasses

Occasionally, to my horror, I find I've featured certain eyewear brands far less than they deserve. Monoqool last graced EWG back in 2009 when I got all in a tizzy at its helter-skelter hinge.

Here the Danish company, which in two years has already won a few awards, shows that it's not just mechanical but material matters – and a good dose of style – that drive its success.

Its latest range uses NXT material for the frame, something so tough yet light it's used in helicopter blades. The frame weighs only 5 grams and some styles can even change colour when exposed to sunlight. Take a look at Monoqool's site to appreciate a few more...

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