Saturday 7 November 2009

Lancier sunglasses from Dita Eyewear - gulp!

Lancier LS001 by Dita Eyewear
Lancier PS003 by Dita Eyewear God! These are brilliant. Lancier makes really, really good lenses, Dita makes incredible frames, there's even a clever interchangable temple thing too, as shown in the video... And look at the bloody packaging, as previewed a few months back. V. limited edition (of course!)


  1. These are so nice. I've been waiting for them for awhile. My favorite would have to be the acetate model (the white one). I expected no less from Dita. Now to just get a pair...

  2. What a nice blog! I´ll be coming back.


  3. Sexy sexy sexy. Even I might look cool in those.

  4. Do opticians sell these kinds of glasses or do you have to order them? I love these. I think I need them.