Thursday, 10 December 2009

Claire Goldsmith Legacy glasses collection

Claire Goldsmith Legacy spectacles - O'ConnellIt brings me great pleasure when I can rave about some British designers and they don't come much greater than Oliver Goldsmith.

Claire Goldsmith relaunched Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses four years ago, recreating many of the vintage designs of the past 70
Claire Goldsmith Legacy spectacles - Lowe

Claire Goldsmith says, “The collection has been designed by the team I have put together since re-launching the Oliver Goldsmith brand.

"The OG re-launch has been incredibly well received and the classic designs taken from the archive once again can be seen to be worn on some of the coolest faces out there.

"But vintage is just one trick and we can do so much more. Legacy represents the future.”

Claire Goldsmith Legacy spectacles - Healy
I agree. Great shapes and I love the mixture of
1950s vintage details with more 1970s and 1980s finishes.

Hold on to that design
Claire Goldsmith Legacy spectacles - Harris
team Claire!

Stockists include Artsee in NY and Gogosha Optique in LA. Available February.


  1. I love love love these frames.... It's about time someone "saw" the light .... more fun frames please please please.

    From J. on a ranch in the new world!

  2. Hi! I work at Eye Spy Optical in Chicago. We've had the Oliver Goldsmith line in our store for about 1.5 years and just started carrying the Claire Goldsmith line. We *love* these frames! They're beautiful to hold and, when you wear them, you know you have something special. Thanks for giving them a little spotlight, they deserve all the love!