Wednesday 30 March 2011

Waiting for the sun: Saison #2

Waiting for the sun: Saison #2 - Une
Waiting for the sun, or W/SÜN for short, is a good name for a sunglass maker. It sums up what we've been up to all winter. Especially in a place like London where crisp, sunny freezing days are a rarity.

W/SÜN are as welcome as the arrival of spring. As well as being rather cool, they're made from bamboo or teawood, so weigh almost as little as the little ray of sunshine you've been waiting for. Above is Une, below is 27.2g and 19.6g. Have a good look at Waiting for the sun's website, where you can buy or just look at some more lovely wooden shades.

Thanks to Bap at Kapok in Hong Kong for suggesting these.

Waiting for the sun: Saison #2 - 27.2g

Waiting for the sun: Saison #2 - 19.6g

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