Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Willem Defoe in the Jim Beam commercial - whiskey glasses?

One of my most surreal star-spots of all time was on a night out in New York with Jason Kirk. We'd popped into a packed bar somewhere when, outside, Willem Defoe cupped his hands between the window pane and his face in an attempt to peer inside. Rather like a scene from one of his movies. All I think he really saw was an aghast me, about two feet away, genuinely rather spooked; followed by me covertly trying to point him out to Jason.

So here is Defoe  in another glass-related context, in a Jim Beam ad playing lots of characters, one of whom, Karl-Lagerfeld-like, is wearing a rather tasty pair of specs... Ideas anyone? Who are these glasses by and where can one purchase them? Roberto in Seattle is keen to find out, and so am I.

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