Monday 6 August 2012

Brixton Village #4: Quince is back in black flattops

EWG's trip to Brixton is one of only a few forays into streetstyle  photography. Most of our pictures are taken by others; only occasionally do we take our own.

So it's all the more surprising for me to stop this guy on 5th Avenue, only for him to remember me from a while back when I'd asked to snap him in his glasses once before.

Both times Quince Garcia is wearing super-stylish specs that don't break the bank - this flat-top frame above cost him just £5.

His previous appearance here saw him wearing printed blue wayfarers...

Quince, together with Julien Bernard-Grau, launches Roadworks Magazine,  all about urban arts and culture, this Thursday... subscribe here

1 comment:

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