Friday 20 July 2012

Brixton Village #3: Kirk Originals Beam in green on Meriem

Meriem wears a wonderful frame from the Beam collection at Kirk Originals, whose Sale at the flagship Conduit Street store in London ends  tomorrow - Saturday 22 July (70% off some stuff so quick, quick, quick).

Look out for Meriem in her Kirk shades in a separate post soon. Like many people with Kirk Orginals specs, she's a fanatic so has >1 pair.

Footnote: Meriem works round the corner from Kirks' on Heddon Street for Momo, where EWG remembers a Roberto Cavalli Eyewear launch in (about) 2002. Lots of snakes on the temples... I think I met someone from S Club 7.

UPDATE  21-7-12: It was 2001 and it was Liberty, later known as Liberty X, not S Club.


  1. RayBan サングラスのことを注目してきました。今も、レイバン モデルのイメージで頭がいっぱいです。街でサングラスをかける人を見掛ける時、みんながかけているのはまさか全てレイバン RB2132のようなモデルじゃないと考えます。もちろん全てがレイバン サングラスであるわけはありません。

  2. Easily (and best) forgotten, it's true...unlike the spectacles.

  3. so colorful,suit her very much.

  4. Emily Jones is right. She is looking great in the glasses. The shape of the frame suits her best. I have visited the “Sale at the flagship Conduit Street store in London” and bought some nice eyewear at a reasonable price.