Monday 2 July 2012

Lindberg reinterprets 1950s men's classic with sleek 9802 frame

Lindberg 2171 Spirit glassesLindberg reinterprets 1950s classic with sleek 9802 frame
Lindberg always brings a little class to glasses, as illustrated by its take on the popular 1950s look du jour, above: the 9802 from the Lindberg Strip collection (note the clever hinge!).  Above that in the main photo is the minimalist 2171, from the Spirit range.


  1. I like those frames... have you ever considered posting ballpark prices for the frames you post on here?

  2. I
    like most the rimless one. I like to wear rimless eyeglasses. Other one is also
    nice. I like to get the rimless one as I feel it will suit me most because my
    face shape is like the model. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Mike, I do where it is easily done - usually for sunglasses. Glasses are trickier because it depends on the mark-up for each optician. This week's post on Medwinds has a price and somewhere to buy it from...