Monday 27 July 2009

Five brilliant things about Switzerland - götti get some

5 Yodeling...
It's pretty amazing. I went to see Morrissey last week. He kind of yodels a little here and there, but nothing like the Swiss.

4 Army knives...
I'm off camping next month. Am I fretting about all the things I might need? No, for I have a Swiss army knife.

3 Alps...
Big and beautiful. Good for skiing.

2 Institutions
In second place, all those international organisations that do good: the WHO, the Red Cross, the UN...

1 Götti glasses
But best of all, Götti, a young glasses design outfit founded by Sven Götti which has always impressed me since I first came across it in about 2004. They also give their frames a name. This is Eugen... hand-polished black acetate. Simple.

Gotti glasses brillen lunettes - Eugen
Gotti glasses brillen lunettes - Eugen

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