Friday 17 July 2009

Zanzan shades are something else - limited editions

Zanzan sunglasses - Black Rio. Click picture to enlargeZanzan sunglasses - Zazou. Click picture to enlarge
One of the problems with starting a blog half way through summer is that I've missed some of the major sunglass launches - I'm playng catch-up.

Zanzan is a new British brand (but made in France), extremely exclusive stuff and great build quality. Each style is limited to 100 pairs.

Apparently, Zanzan is the name for the exhilarating feeling of wearing something stylish for the first time, in 1960s Maltese gangster speak.

Top ii Black Rio, left is Zazou and below is Le Sept - I love the pale colour and light lenses. I've mentioned Deirdre Barlow once already haven't I? May be she should be my next icon post!

Have a good weekend all and thanks for the support.

Zanzan sunglasses - Le Sept. Click picture to enlarge

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