Tuesday 21 July 2009

Ray-Ban Optical or Orgreen Optics - spot the difference

Now I'm a fan of Ray-Ban sunglasses as you can probably tell. It has a rich heritage which its owner Luxottica knows full well since it paid Bausch & Lomb US$1.2bn for the brand a decade ago.

After buying it, Luxottica decided to take the brand a little further and use it on to side of eyewear where the sun's rays are not banned. I've never been especially keen on Ray-Ban Opticals. Occasionally they borrow from the Wayfarer's or Clubmaster's styling and it works, but they don't do this enough.

Although... what do you think of these?

Ray-Ban Optical, rather like Orgreen

Not bad, eh? A little powder blue and a temple shape from a summer Wayfarer making its way into the optical collection, a little understated for specs... Good work Ray-Ban.

Oh, but what about these?

Orgreen Opticals, rather like Ray-Bans

Spot the difference! The second one is from Orgreen Eyewear (remember my Molly Sims post?)or more accurately Ørgreen Optics, from its Intruder range in 2006.

“We're not offended, in fact we’re more honoured than anything, but why didn’t they just call on us for help?” Henrik Ørgreen asked after seeing the latest collection of glasses from Ray-Ban.

“Let’s just call it very strong inspiration”, he added. “And let’s congratulate Ray-Ban on their great taste.”


  1. Good find. Ray-Ban should be embarassed.

  2. I love my Orgreen, know where to find them for cheap? (not copies)

  3. how tu bay this glasis?? plz help

  4. Can you please tell me where to find them for cheap?