Monday 19 October 2009

Orange Orgreen? Glasses and sunglasses from the Eye Company in London's Soho

Orgreen sunglasses
Last week I nipped down to The Eye Company on Wardour Street where Danish designers Orgreen had come to exhibit their full collection, and what a collection it is. Here are a few highlights...

First Henrik Orgreen explains Orgreen's Electric Colours; is it orange or green..?

Orgreen glasses - Ella, Panther, York and HexleyAbove, clockwise from top left: Orgreen Panther 221, Hexley 109, York 118 and Ella 214. Below, Rory and in the first pic, Sarah, wear Orgreen sunglasses (sorry no model numbers).

Orgreen sunglasses

Get me with m'jaunty angles!

Orgreen really are bloody good. All the metal is beta-titanium (really strong and really light), it's all handmade in Japan.

And the designs have balls. One sunglass has the skyline of Copenhagan cut into the temple.

Finally below, Henrik makes me think about photoshopping his right arm to line up with those giant frames he stuck through the Eye Company's window.

Henrik OrgreenHenrik Orgreen

Thanks to Steenie at the Eye Company for a great evening. And I tip my specs to his huge vintage collection, more on that one day soon...


  1. I have to say my favourites were the orange/grey combo specs - uber cool. Not too sure about the diving mask adaptation though. Or maybe it's just because they didn't suit me. Fun night and Henrik is a dude.

  2. This Orgreen stuff is FANTASTIC !! Why are people buying anything else?!? Big kudos and respect to Henrik and his crew.

  3. I just bought Ella and she is beautiful, I agree that if you only ever wore Orgeen again you'd be smiling forever!