Wednesday 21 October 2009

Tipton Eyeworks' Cinematique - the glasses industry's sex obsession goes all the way

Nice pair!

I refer not to the classic, well-made specs you see below you but to, in a Confessions of a Glasses Blogger kinda way, the many teeny pairs of bosoms featured on the temples. (Yes folks, read that again, the family glasses blog gets dirty)

Yes, I'm fast realising that the glasses industry is sex obsessed and here I have proof. Not that I disapprove of course. What better way to grab the attention of everyone?
Okay, look a little closer. Not content with using a few sexy models in the marketing, Tipton Eyeworks, based in Budapest and established by Zach Tipton, goes all the way.

The designs are excellent, and they use some great acetates with metal sides that encase transparent 16mm and 35mm film, some of which feature boxing, skiing, soviet space missions, communist news, black and white cartoons and much more. Oh, and various erotica, burlesque, and other descriptions for which I fear Google might remove my family blog status.

It's certainly pretty risqué, but the most important thing, the glasses are amazing. I'd definitely wear them, but perhaps not on Christmas day at my mum and dad's.

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