Tuesday 6 October 2009

11null sunglasses as worn in La Roux's latest video: too good to be true?

11null sunglasses shade - Future is bright - as in La Roux videoOkay - you get the gist. They're a one-piece grip-on visor and no they're not held on by little threads tied to your eyelashes.

These sunglasses were featured in La Roux's "I'm not your toy" video. As stated previously, Elly Jackson is a bit of an eyewear freak.

They cost €30, are from Berlin, and are made by 11 null. Until I get my hands on a pair, I'm not sure just how good they are. I think they're really good, but need to touch/wear them.

Any thoughts appreciated.

1 comment:

  1. they look like the shades we give to our patients after they've had their eyes dilated. message me & I'll send you a bunch.... Park Slope Family Eye Care