Tuesday 14 July 2009

Is La Roux's Elly Jackson a new eyewear icon?

La Roux's Elly Jackson in glasses / spectaclesLa Roux's Elly Jackson in sunglasses, Elly Jackson in glasses, Elly Jackson in more sunglasses. And not just I'm a celebrity, I'm gonna wear shades to hide from fans and photographers. No, proper eyewear style.

Elly Jackson is one half of 1980s-inspired electro-popsters La Roux (about the only thing not by Michael Jackson in the top of the charts).

And I've found a fair few pics of her wearing some incredible eyewear. Am trying to find out what they are. Here are a few links.

Elly wears 1980s round sunglasses in this photo shoot - watch video to get best look

Scroll down a bit more to see an interview with her in the glasses shown right.

She's even managed to make rust-tinted lenses look cool in this video!

Do you know who any of these frames are by?


  1. Vintage! She talks about them here, posted on my site! <3


  2. She certainly is MY eye wear icon! Thanks to hear I discovered the most amazing sunglasses I ever got to wear: http://bit.ly/la-roux-shades from the 2I am not your toy" vid.