Monday 11 November 2013

Hoet creates 3D-printed titanium glasses: Made in Belgium

3D printed glasses have hitherto been made from nylon or a similar polymer, but Bruges-based Hoet, after four years' research an development, has now made a rather stunning pair of 3D-printed titanium spectacles: Made in Belgium  - that's the name and the provenance. View more below...

Sunday 10 November 2013

Vintage 1990s Nina Ricci tortoiseshell sunglasses

Vintage 90s Nina Ricci tortoiseshell sunglasses

It comes to something, in my head at least, when you can describe 1990s as vintage. Nevertheless, that's is what these are: Nina Ricci sunglasses in tortoiseshell acetate with a subtle cat's eye. These are the first of a number of posts of frames from Lunettes London, so if you're quick you can snap these up for a rather reasonable £55.

Tuesday 5 November 2013

Playn Eyewear at Shoreditch Boxpark

Playn Eyewear at Shoreditch Boxpark

Playn Eyewear at Shoreditch Boxpark

Playn Eyewear at Shoreditch Boxpark

If you've never bought a pair of glasses from a shipping container, now might be your chance. Boxpark in Shoreditch is a collection of pop-up shops assembled like Lego near the Overground station. There, until 24 November, is Playn Eyewear, a lovely collection of good-quality acetate frames. It's not an opticians though, so have your prescription at the ready and get a decent pair of specs, fully glazed, all good quality for £125. Oh and if you can't get along to Shoredicth in the next three weeks, you can do it all online: Playn Eyewear. Playn simple!

Monday 7 October 2013

Christian Roth 2014 sunglasses captured by Formento & Formento

Here's the latest from Éric Domège and Christian Roth, as captured by photographic duo Richeille and BJ Formento in Miami’s MiMo district for the designers' 2014 campaign.

Top to bottom: Belles of Embellishment, Christian's Own, and Piece and Love. The range of colours is vast. Below is Christian's Own (named after his favourite aviator shape), in the colourway Design 78,  a "Fluo Orange with Fluo Green & Caribic Blue detail". Prices circa $460.

Friday 4 October 2013

RVS yes yes by V: The female Point of View

Yesterday we looked at RVS by V's male Point of View, and today we take a look at some more feminine views. Top Mulholland Drive, then Alien and, above, the deliciously named Moulin Rouge Strawberry Shortcake.

Thursday 3 October 2013

RVS yes yes by V: The male Point of View

RVS yes yes by V: The male Point of View - Amnesia sunglasses RVS yes yes by V: The male Point of View - Bullet sunglasses RVS yes yes by V: The male Point of View - Leon sunglasses

One today, one tomorrow. We'll begin with the chaps. This is the Point of View collection from RVS by V, and I am going to sit back and enjoy it. Top is Amnesia, in the middle is Bullet and finally, above, is Leon.

Wednesday 2 October 2013

Ballyhoo!! Cat's eyes or bat's ears from Oliver Goldsmith?

At some point cat's eyes become so accentuated that they appear more like bats' ears or devil's horns, so perhaps I should have posted this later in the month. Above is the brilliantly named Ballyhoo from Oliver Goldsmith, while below are Annabel in black and Vice-Consul in a smokey grey crystal.

Tuesday 1 October 2013

Bevel glasses with Sergio Davila at NYFW SS 2014

Here are a couple of shots from Sergio Davila's SS2014 collection at New York Fashion Week, featuring glasses from classy US frame maker Bevel. The first frame is Shark Biscuit; the second one is Ira. Both retail at approx $500.

Monday 30 September 2013

Feb31st Isaac 48000 wooden sunglasses

These are Isaac 48000 sunglasses  from Italian wood experts Feb31st - I love the slightly frowning profile on the bridge!

Sunday 29 September 2013

Factory 900 melting sunglasses

They're not really melting. But you can see that the FA-1111 from Japan's Factory 900 certainly creates a distinctive look as the exquisite acetate frame curves away from the face above and below the lens. This video, in Japanese, gives you a better idea...

The sunglasses have just won a Silmo d'Or, one of the most coveted prizes in eyewear. Also available as glasses.

Read our previous posts on Factory 900 here...

Friday 27 September 2013

One to watch: Suzy Glam glasses

Welcome to Suzy Glam, an extremely exciting new eyewear brand from the Netherlands. The detail on these shapes is superb, combining interesting bevels and curves into a great looking acetate frame.

Currently available in some great stores in Holland, Belgium and Germany and Switzerland, with more stockists coming soon we're sure.

Amazing photos by Aisha Zeijpveld / Judith Veenendaal

Tuesday 24 September 2013

Theo glasses in Rye - incomparably good

Theo glasses in Rye - incomparably good

Met this delightful woman in Rye, East Sussex, last weekend and simply had to ask if her specs were by Theo. Indeed they are. I'm not sure which model. She also told me where she purchased them in Brussels, so I'll be adding that to my list of places to buy cool glasses... more soon (honest!)

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Roger that...

Roger Eye Design

Roger Eye Design
Loving these two new frames from Roger Eye Design... Anywhere stocking these beauties would surely be in contention for our coolest opticians project!

Tuesday 21 May 2013

Where are the coolest opticians in the world? Help us find them!

Eye Wear Glasses is embarking on a new mission. We are looking for the coolest opticians, sunglass shops, vintage eyewear stalls ... anywhere outlet where the more discerning glasses wearer can find top-quality, beautifully-made spectacles (such as these above by Ralph Vaessen).

So please take a few minutes to nominate an opticians where you bought your amazing specs and, in return, we'll build a map of where the best glasses on the planet can be found.

Suggest your coolest opticians here

Tuesday 30 April 2013

Lunettes Kollektion 2013: a little je ne sais quoi

Lunettes Kollektion 2013: Je Ne Sais Qoui glasses

Lunettes Kollektion 2013: Bon Vivant sunglasses

Lunettes Kollektion 2013: Le Flaneur sunglasses

Here's a little of Lunettes Kollektion's 2013 offering: the Bon Vivant sunglasses below, and above on the gent, Je Ne Sais Quoi  at the top and La Flaneur, above.

Lunettes Kollektion 2013: Bon Vivant sunglasses

Saturday 2 March 2013

Robert La Roche 2013: the Vienne collection

The trend for the uber-practical clip is really taking off in 2013 as shown here in the Vienne colection by Robert La Roche.

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Disappearing nosepads from James van Vossel and Theo

Disappearing nosepads from James van Vossel and Theo: JAMES 6

Disappearing nosepads from James van Vossel and Theo: JAMES 5

Disappearing nosepads from James van Vossel and Theo: JAMES 6

Nosepads on metal frames can sometimes appear too noticeable a part of the finished product. For something so functional to interfere with the form and fit of the glasses is a little annoying for a frame designer.

James van Vossel has suggested a solution in his latest collaboration with Theo, by freeing the lens from the frame where it edges the nose, but continuing the frame back toward the face to provide integral nosepads with no need for the winding stems that are usually the host to a silicon pad.

The result: a quirky looking frame with a corner 'missing' that I am intrigued to try on!

Monday 4 February 2013

Reykjavik Eyes concept frame - the antithesis of screwless eyewear

There's something a little punk about this concept frame from Reykjavik Eyes. 'Floating', 'rimless' lenses in the middle are supported by eight screws, four on each side.

Sunday 3 February 2013

Mykita makes Mylon for myopes...

Mykita makes Mylon for myopes: Basky & Pelot
Mykita makes Mylon for myopes: Pelot Mykita makes Mylon for myopes: ApolloMykita makes Mylon for myopes: Lathan
...and hyperopes too. Mylon is Mykita's 3D-printed nylon eyewear that has hitherto been limited to big, sporty sunnies. Now Mylon is available in optical frames. From the top: Basky and Pelot, then Pelot on its own, Apollo, and finally Lathan. There are new colours too: British racing green, Imperial purple, and Ocean blue. Available in Mykita stockists. Previous posts on Mylon here...

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Thin acetate: Murk from Fleye

Thin acetate: Murk from Fleye
A key trend for 2013 is a thinner, subtler use of acetate. Frames have got bigger and often chunkier, but now some designers are using acetate in gentler, understated way as shown above in the frame Murk by Danish eyewear house Fleye. And below from a recent shoot...

Fleye glasses from Denmark