Monday 24 February 2014

Seeoo Big and the Seeoo Classic

Seeoo Big glasses
While we remain to be convinced about any big come-back for the monocle, the pince-nez (from the French for pinch-nose) has, in our opinion, more of a future. Particularly in the format below, Classic, from Austria's Seeoo. Perfect as an occasional ready-reader, these exquisite gadgets fit in a credit-card-sized case. For the more regular glasses wearer, Big, above, pinches its styling from the pince-nez below in rather a dramatic way.
Seeoo pince-nez

Thursday 20 February 2014

House of Flora: Red Hex Spex

House of Flora: Basquiat sunglasses House of Flora: Ping Pong sunglasses House of Flora: Red Hex Spex
We're enjoying London-based House of Flora's bold sunglass designs. Above is the wonderful Red Hex Spex as worn last year in a UK Elle photoshoot of Rihanna. Above that is the gloriously named Ping Pong and top is Basquiat. As well as eyewear, House of Flora also designs amazing hats and jewellery.

Top photo: Nick Tucker; model Illy Jay.
Second photo: Max Oppenheim; model Immy at Storm; stylist Vanessa Minshull. 

Tuesday 18 February 2014

P3 panto glasses by Pierre Cariven

P3 panto glasses by Pierre Cariven
Handmade in the Jura region of France, this a new collection from Pierre Cariven called P3.
Made from NXP nylon, note that there is no steel reinforcement in the temples.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Matte and fat at Cheap Monday

Meet the new Hybris collection from Cheap Monday. Glasses have been getting bigger and badder for years now and we're loving these sunnies from the Swedes. Cheap Monday says the collection conveys a "kick-ass" attitude, something we've always approved of at EWG. We'll feature some opticals in a week or two.