Saturday 31 October 2009

Friday 30 October 2009

Rihanna's sunglasses? Christian Roth vintage 14246

Rihanna wearing Christian Roth vintage sunglass at the Chanel show, Paris fashion week 2009

Rihanna's been wearing these great Christian Roth 14246 Power Chic vintage sunglasses of late.

So can a quick look around some of the best vintage sunglass websites unveil a secret supply?

No, sorry, I think Rihanna must have got the last pair... Who knows? Someone will comment with a pair available - one day.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

A cup of coffee in your Carreras and behind-scenes Carrera sunglass ad

Carrera sunglasses and coffee

Found this great pic on nothing to hide's stream which got me looking at the Carrera site - so here's an exclusive (well, no not really) look behind the scenes of the latest Carrera sunglass ad campaign...

Tuesday 27 October 2009

Retro Super Future Flat Top sunglasses at Paris Fashion Week

Retro Super Future Flat Top black sunglassesRetro Super Future Flat Top black sunglassesI love this Flat Top design by RetroSuperFuture. It's a couple of years old but these sunglasses perfectly combine the classic styles of the 50s with the modern lines of the 80s - through that flat, straight brow. Almost as good as the Luciano, which I raved about a few weeks ago.

With thanks again to Trendycrew for the great picture of Christine Centenera, fashion editor of Harper's Bazaar Australia, at Paris Fashion Week - visit for more.

Monday 26 October 2009

Saturday 24 October 2009

Erlik sunglasses with ridiculously clever hinges

Erlik sunglasses
Erlik sunglasses
Erlik sunglasses
Erlik Mayday sunglasses
Erlik Stardust sunglasses

Another highlight fromlast month's Silmo show was Erlik, a Canadian brand started by Alex Masse.

These patented rubber hinges are amazing - a bit like the bendy bit of a bendy bus.

The hinge makes Erlik shades extremely robust and ideal for sport, but clearly the styling pretty switch on too.

More clever hinges here...

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Tipton Eyeworks' Cinematique - the glasses industry's sex obsession goes all the way

Nice pair!

I refer not to the classic, well-made specs you see below you but to, in a Confessions of a Glasses Blogger kinda way, the many teeny pairs of bosoms featured on the temples. (Yes folks, read that again, the family glasses blog gets dirty)

Yes, I'm fast realising that the glasses industry is sex obsessed and here I have proof. Not that I disapprove of course. What better way to grab the attention of everyone?
Okay, look a little closer. Not content with using a few sexy models in the marketing, Tipton Eyeworks, based in Budapest and established by Zach Tipton, goes all the way.

The designs are excellent, and they use some great acetates with metal sides that encase transparent 16mm and 35mm film, some of which feature boxing, skiing, soviet space missions, communist news, black and white cartoons and much more. Oh, and various erotica, burlesque, and other descriptions for which I fear Google might remove my family blog status.

It's certainly pretty risqué, but the most important thing, the glasses are amazing. I'd definitely wear them, but perhaps not on Christmas day at my mum and dad's.

Alain Mikli - yours truly in luxury Devo sunglasses

Alain Mikli A0109-04 sunglassesPeople occasionally comment on my bold eyewear...

These astonishing Alain Mikli A0109-04 sunglasses during our fun at last week's Orgreen do at the Eye Company - they're limited edition Miklis but reminded of those Devo glasses from the 80s, only a tad more glam.

Monday 19 October 2009

Orange Orgreen? Glasses and sunglasses from the Eye Company in London's Soho

Orgreen sunglasses
Last week I nipped down to The Eye Company on Wardour Street where Danish designers Orgreen had come to exhibit their full collection, and what a collection it is. Here are a few highlights...

First Henrik Orgreen explains Orgreen's Electric Colours; is it orange or green..?

Orgreen glasses - Ella, Panther, York and HexleyAbove, clockwise from top left: Orgreen Panther 221, Hexley 109, York 118 and Ella 214. Below, Rory and in the first pic, Sarah, wear Orgreen sunglasses (sorry no model numbers).

Orgreen sunglasses

Get me with m'jaunty angles!

Orgreen really are bloody good. All the metal is beta-titanium (really strong and really light), it's all handmade in Japan.

And the designs have balls. One sunglass has the skyline of Copenhagan cut into the temple.

Finally below, Henrik makes me think about photoshopping his right arm to line up with those giant frames he stuck through the Eye Company's window.

Henrik OrgreenHenrik Orgreen

Thanks to Steenie at the Eye Company for a great evening. And I tip my specs to his huge vintage collection, more on that one day soon...

Tuesday 13 October 2009

Mykita's Debbie glasses - is there anything that's not perfect about these specs?

If you think these Mykita spectacles look brilliant, go to your local high-class optical outlet and open and close that hinge.

Open, close; open, close; open, close; open, close; open, close; open, close; open, close.

Okay, now you understand.

Monday 12 October 2009

Sightsavers launch campaign with Rankin

Sightsavers launch campaign with Rankin
Sightsavers International has teamed up with Rankin in its latest campaign... more great images here

Robert Marc - classy hinge, classy acetate, classy sunglasses

If you've never invested in a really good pair of shades then you can't make a much better start than Robert Marc sunglasses. Take a look at these, the RM623 and the RM626 aviators...

Remember my hinge obsession? The Robert Marc hinge offers a signature mark so you know these are RMs, but also just by looking at it you can tell they're not going to break. Ever. Not that you would ever sit on these; you would be too proud and careful.

Top notch Italian acetate with different coloured insides.

Even the initials are quality... ;)
Robert Marc sunglasses
Robert Marc sunglasses

Friday 9 October 2009

Cassius Eyewear's Lautner sunglasses - architecturally sound

Cassius Eyewear's Lautner sunglasses
Cassius Eyewear's Aalto sunglassesThis is one of the best images I've seen of late. The sunglasses are by Cassius Eyewear and are called Lautner after the US architect John Lautner. The second pair are called Aalto.

Thursday 8 October 2009

Five pleasing frames from Francois Pinton

Francois Pinton Secret2 glasses
Francois Pinton glasses
Francois Pinton glasses
Francois Pinton Secret glasses
Francois Pinton Baryton glassesFrancois Pinton is another of my favourite Parisian brands. I love this final pair of sunglasses from their latest collection - a great finish.

Tuesday 6 October 2009

11null sunglasses as worn in La Roux's latest video: too good to be true?

11null sunglasses shade - Future is bright - as in La Roux videoOkay - you get the gist. They're a one-piece grip-on visor and no they're not held on by little threads tied to your eyelashes.

These sunglasses were featured in La Roux's "I'm not your toy" video. As stated previously, Elly Jackson is a bit of an eyewear freak.

They cost €30, are from Berlin, and are made by 11 null. Until I get my hands on a pair, I'm not sure just how good they are. I think they're really good, but need to touch/wear them.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Sunday 4 October 2009

More from Paris: Orgreen, Funk Royal Optics and Hamburg Eyewear

Another video from the Silmo show in Paris last month; this time featuring Orgreen (more of them soon as Henrik Ørgreen is coming for a little shindig at The Eye Company in Soho in a week or two), Funk Royal Optics and Hamburg Eyewear.

Friday 2 October 2009

Cutler and Gross frames - classic, black specs

Cutler & Gross spectaclesThis is Mark wearing his Cutler & Gross specs, perhaps the coolest bins I've seen in a long time. I want!

I'm in two minds whether to go for a pair like these where the black at the top suddenly turns crystal as you go down, or a pair where the transition is gradual. Ummm, decisions, decisions.

Mark bought his from David Clulow Opticians, a few branches of which stock C&G.

Cutler and Gross is a English brand, with stores in London and Hong Kong. Started by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross in the 1960s, their reputation is huge, and I tip my specs to anyone who wears their stuff. I'll have some pics from their 2010 collection soon....

Thanks to Katherine Alano for the photo.