Wednesday 15 July 2009

Lego sunglasses - JC de Castelbajac or Lynx Optique?

After yesterday's 1980s-fest in the shape of La Roux's eyewear, I bring you some 80s-ish eyewear in, well, just about any shape you like.

Sometimes the web, fashion, marketing and eyewear meet in the strangest of ways. All this began BEWG, before this blog started.

In May, I spotted a few posts here and there about Lego sunglasses. Cool, I thought, how geek-chic can you get?

I bookmarked the page, which stated that said nerdy building block bins were available through Lynx Optique, an optician chain/co-op a bit like Specsavers or Lenscrafters, but French.

Then, last month, I saw Lego sunglasses again, only this time they were "Jean-Charles de Castelbajac's Lego Glasses" on Dazed & Confused's website.Lego sunglasses

Now admittedly JC de Castelbajac is a bit 80s- indeed Lego-obsessed, but come on, Lynx beat you to it!

Dazed shows how they these Lego shades even look quite good on.

Can anyone help Jessica find out where to buy Lego sunglasses? She's posted a question on Yahoo!RarelyAnswers - one of the great suggestions so far:

  • eBay? - yup, would never have thought of looking there. This is what you'll find...

lego sunglasses!?!

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