Sunday 19 July 2009

Alex Petridis discovers a sunglass blog - not mine but nearly

There was me, lying on the grass in the Horniman Gardens, laughing uncontrollably at suggestions in the newspaper that Wootton Bassett, Wiltshire - the town where I went to school - should be renamed Royal Wootton Bassett! Parp! Ha!

It's always a bit special when you read about something you're familiar with.

I was then quite surprised and excited to see that the Guardian's Alex Petridis had written about a blog I follow in his column on men's fashion in Saturday's weekend magazine:
"This summer, we've had conflicting information about sunglasses. See-through Perspex frames are in. If you're not wearing Ray-Ban Clubmasters, you'll lead the life of a social pariah. You may not care, but I wouldn't mention it within earshot of the guy behind a supremely entertaining, insane blog,"
Have to admit, I was even a little jealous. But then I checked Sunglasses Onstage and guess what, they'd written about my Emilio Pucci sunglasses post -Result!

And so now I think I know who helped me identify the Pucci glasses. Thanks Sunglasses Onstage! I love your blog too.

Clearly S.O. and I share, as Alex Petridis described it, a "monomaniacal" devotion to eyewear because they got equally excited by these shades.

Keep up the good work and congrats on being picked up by the Guardian!

As for reflections when taking photos of sunglasses, the topic of S.O.'s post, I've always quite liked it - it adds a certain authenticity.


  1. Check these out!

  2. I'm trying to identify a sunglass manufacturer that used to engrave "MAURITIUS" on the right arm of the glasses.They used to be sold in the mid 1990's and most of them had polarized lenses.I'm looking for the name of the manufacturer and/or a source to locate and purchase the sunglasses.

  3. Not sure if these are the same... but this might help:

  4. They are probably the same,and I've seen them before,but there's no other information...still looking for the manufacturer or source to purchase the Mauritius sunglasses with amber lenses....
    Thanks for your help Rob!