Thursday, 6 October 2011

The amazing Mykita Mylon 2012 collection: Nova ski sunglasses and more

The amazing Mykita Mylon 2012 collection: Nova ski sunglasses in sunshine

The amazing Mykita Mylon 2012 collection: Icco and Crisson sunglasses in peat and pitch
While in Paris I realised I'd have to admit an error in a previous post, so this commentary on Mylon, Mykita's luxury sports line, is served with a significant side helping of humble pie.

Remember my post about 3D printing last week? While the frames from Colors of Birch are still, in my opinion, a game changer; they are not the first professional collection of 3D-printed eyewear.

My spekky heroes at Mykita have been using a 3D printing technique for glasses for three years and it launched collaborations with Bernhard Willhelm, Romain Kremer and Rad Hourani, all in Mylon last year. Whether this makes it first I know not. I even wrote about it in August 2010, but failed to realise it was the same (or a similar) manufacturing process. Mykita uses selective laser sintering – I know, I'm getting way too technical – and has now perfected and patented the way it dyes the frame to ensure a robust surface that is kind to the skin.

Top to bottom we have: Nova in sunshine, a sunglass cum ski goggle; Icco in peat; and Crison in the colour pitch. I've tried these on and believe me, they are some of the most comfortable frames ever. They're available in November.

The next post will be on Colors of Birch, as I now have more exciting images of what Pekka Salokannel's been up to!

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