Monday 10 October 2011

Legend has it: Cazal 623, 856, 901 and 904

Legend has it: Cazal 623

Legend has it: Cazal 856

Legend has it: Cazal 901

Legend has it: Cazal 904
Cazal is one of the most sought after brands in eyewear. Overwhelmingly original it became a favoured hip hop brand in the 1980s and its German designer Cari Zalloni and his team continue to create "maximalist" designs, which pay little attention, if any, to dominant trends.

Here are four styles reissued from the 1980s and available now in limited editions. Top is Cazal 623, next Cazal 856, then Cazal 901, and finally Cazal 904.


  1. I love my Cazal 312 from 1980! :)

  2. nice, cazal forever.