Wednesday 7 December 2011

Theo x Tim Van Steenbergen: the Hierro sunglass collection

Any collaboration between Theo and Tim Van Steenbergen pleases the eye, and this fourth meeting of brands is no different: a limited edition sunglass collection, Hierro.

The inspiration came from Spanish embroidery and a long-held tradition of leather working. Hierro means iron or brandmark. Every hacienda has its own logo and these sunglasses are 'branded' in metal either with a Theo or Tim Van Steenbergen emblem.

Each frame is named after a Spanish patron saint: above is Isidro, and below, Jaime and Mercè. Neither leather nor embroidery is actually used but it looks extremely convincing.


  1. Do the frames come in actual leather?


  2. No, it just looks like it from the pictures as mentioned at the end. Admittedly I haven't seen the product myself so can't comment further. Here are some frames that have been tagged leather, some real, some not:

  3.  The prescription changes slightly every few years but in a pinch all of them are still usable for my eyes.

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