Monday 8 February 2010

Rapp up warm in these cosy Canadian handmade frames

Discovered a great little frame factory in Toronto: Rapp Optical stocks a tonne of great frames including its very own range of handmade Rapp frames...

Let's take a closer look at some of Rapp Collection 3.0...

Most of Rapp frames are combination titanium and Italian acetate...

... Each frame is completely hand finished...

There's a combination of matte and gloss fronts, with extremely crisp, defined edges unlike the shiny rounded corners found on most acetate frames. The contrast between the flat front and pronounced forward curve of the bridge is neatly and carefully done, to create some exquisite pieces.

Obviously, being handmade in Toronto, numbers are limited. But you'll be pleased to hear they're slowly being made available worldwide. Stockists to be announced on the Rapp website soon.


  1. Nice find - these are lovely!

  2. We've carried them since late 2008, and love them. I even wear them myself

    There's less than 20 stockists worldwide.

  3. Modern Eye in Philadelphia has picked them up and its a great addition to the collection. I grabbed a pair instantly and love 'em.