Wednesday 3 February 2010

More Mykita Lite glasses - talking 'bout two generations

Firm followers of EWG will recall my love for Mykita. There are four big reasons why its glasses are some of the best:
  1. Style - tonnes off great eyeshapes
  2. Comfort - the glasses are extremely light and slight.
  3. Ingenuity - their hinges technoligical masterpieces. Like an Audi car door, you can open and close them for pleasure
  4. Durability - they stay looking great and fitting perfectly (I've had my Nils five years)
Mykita has also always made glasses for everyone: young or old, man, woman, daring or shy, cool or square.

Now, leaving Mykita for a moment, I came across this picture last summer but have been unable to reproduce it here, so click on that link you just went past.

I never heard back from the owner so I don't know if the woman pictured - "Lupa" - usually wears them. I think they look wonderful and demonstrate how stylish this style of metal aviator spectacle can look.

These glasses are fairly ubiquitous of course, mainly on the faces of middle-aged men.

Last year, the Mykita Lite series set a new standard of light eyewear design. The stainless steel frames have a newly enhanced screwless mini-hinge (see previous post where I raved about them last).

Now two new designs, Oda and Ulf, below, bring this aviator style to the more discerning glasses wearer, one who appreciates quality, ergonomics and fashion.

As Mykita explains, Oda and Ulf are "aimed at two target groups: the over-60s, who have always worn such frames; and wearers two generations below them who are now reinventing the similarly styled old glasses they were fascinated to discover in grandpa’s desk drawer [like Lupa perhaps?].

"The younger group are the driving force behind the renaissance of this design. The frames are striking but laid-back, akin to a slightly smaller version of a hip pair of sunglasses." 
Mykita Lite: Oda glasses - truly lightweight
Mykita Lite: Oda and Ulf glasses - truly lightweight

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