Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Mykita Lite glasses collection - majestic minimalism

So you have potentially the best hinge in the world - how do you make it better? You make it teeny-weeny.

Mykita has launched its No.1 Lite collection, which moves its original No. 1 hinge on a bit. It's smaller, simplified, comprises three pieces and - as before - no screws.

(Why are no screws good? Because you don't have to invest in a tiny screwdriver to tighten them up when the temples flop.)

The new thinner temple has a silicone tip which can be bent into shape around the ear.

As a Mykita wearer, I've always loved the shapes, but am particularly impressed by how much they manage to introduce shape and style to very minimalist designs.

Mykita Lite Britt glasses
Mykita Lite Lasse glasses
Have a better look here with Mykita's 360-degree viewer.

Oh and here's me in my Mykita Nils frame with Arthur (Master Eye Wear Glasses Junior the Younger - both of us having a bad hair week).


  1. Oh man, they mykitas are just the *best* glasses. I'm still recovering from my glasses falling off whilst cycling and coming off slightly worse in a fight with a double decker bus: noooooooooooooo.

  2. I do not know much about glasses, but I figured I would look at some blogs before I purchases a new pair, and I like these alot. How much did they cost? Can I buy them online for a lower price?

  3. Hi db,
    You'll struggle to buy these online. You should get them fitted properly. To me they're worth it. I'd estimate they'll cost you £200-400 plus lenses but prices can vary depending on where you are. Here's a link to where you can buy them:
    good luck, (happy christmas!)

  4. Old blog, I know...
    But what is the name of the second frmae? The more rectangular one? I can't find him on Mykita homepage... Thanks for any advice.

  5. They're called Lasse (hover over images for captions)

  6. Thx! Much easier to find them online with proper name... Although they do not longer seem to be in the current catalogue... I'll find a way.