Thursday 1 April 2010

Oliver Goldsmith glasses from the 1960s to be re-launched this month

Oliver Goldsmith Retro Eyewear

Oliver Goldsmith Retro Spectacles. Model: Anabel F

Oliver Goldsmith Retro Eyewear. Model: Kolus

Oliver Goldsmith Retro Optical collection. Model: Pelota

Oliver Goldsmith Retro Eyeglasses. Model: Wongl

Oliver Goldsmith Retro Eyewear. Model: Consul SS
One of the biggest global names in eyewear, Oliver Goldsmith, will be launching retro models of his original glasses designs from the 1960s and 1970s by the end of April, Eye Wear Glasses can reveal.

To begin with they will be available only from David Clulow's Ledbury Road branch in Notting Hill.

Original retro sunglasses from Oliver Goldsmith were launched back in 2005 but, until now, Oliver Goldsmith retro glasses designs have only been available in Japan and the Far East, where the spectacles and brand, described below by A Oliver Goldsmith in a film for the Victoria & Albert Museum, are hugely popular.

These frames pictured are just a fraction of the 2009-10 collection. Exactly which models will be available in the West remains to be seen. All designs are exact copies of original designs, handmade in Japan from top quality acetate. Hover over the pictures above for model names, I've shown the black ones to highlight the great shapes but also shown some of the colours available.

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