Tuesday 27 April 2010

Screwless, hingeless, jointless, single-piece glasses from Reykjavik Eyes

Reykjavik Eyes beta-titanium glassesReykjavik Eyes beta-titanium glassesReykjavik Eyes beta-titanium glasses
Regular readers will know I'm quite fanatical about clever technology on your face.

Essentially, the simpler a glasses frame is, the fewer parts it has, the better the material; the more likely it is to be a piece of face furniture for a long time.

So how about these frames from Reykjavik Eyes? No screws, no hinges, no joints, AND it's one piece of strong yet light material. Designed by Gunnar Gunnarson, they look great. And, weighing in at just 2.2g, a bit like a spec of volcanic ash, you'll barely know they are on your nose.

Now watch the clever film...

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