Tuesday 6 April 2010

Top Marcs: the Harbour Island collection from Robert Marc

Robert Marc sunglasses - RM629 in Island Violet and Coral Sand (this finish is amazing)

Robert Marc eyewear - RM250 and RM632, both in limited edition Raffia (explained below)

Robert Marc eyewear: RM633-19 and RM633-17

Robert Marc eyewear: RM251-127 and RM252-129
To create something truly brilliant, there has to be attention to detail. Glasses are a prime example. New York based Robert Marc Eyewear continues to attend to the detail and the new Harbour Collection is typical of his approach.

I've raved a little about Robert Marc before, particularly about the hinges, but the other stand-out detail about  his frames is the material. He uses acetate extremely well - sometimes simple, sometimes complex - and the above demonstrates both extremes.

It was the RM629's finish (top) that caught my eye, but its the RM632 and RM250 in the second picture  that steals the show. In the temple, incorporates hand-woven raffia into the crystal finish - hence the limited numbers... great work, all inspired by Harbour Island in the Bahamas.

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