Tuesday 20 April 2010

A Prism glasses story that broke my heart

I love Prism glasses. Mainly because they look terrific, but also because the company had the balls to go launching glasses without restricting themselves to opticians to sell them.

So I felt much saddened to hear the story of Susie Bubble, a fashion blogger (one of the best according to Mrs EWG) who can spot stylish frames from a mile-off - but, sadly, only when her sight is corrected. The things is folks if your prescription is high, or even just highish, larger frames may not accommodate the lenses you need to spot the cool glasses on the shelf.

I happened to be out with a few opticians on Saturday night - anyone suggest a solution? Susie, if you're reading, get scrolling downward to see if there's anything you like. What about some green translucent Cutler & Gross frames?

Here's Susie in her Prisms:

Susie Bubble in her Prism glasses. Photo: stylebubble.typepad.com

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