Monday 22 June 2009

See Eyewear 1204 - all the way from San Fran

See Eyewear 1204 - click for a larger image
While I enjoyed a bottle of Becks courtesy of Kirks I met a few interesting glasses related folk.

Rebekah laughed at my quirky English ways, but was nevertheless willing to have a picture taken wearing her tremendous retro frames.

The glasses are by See Eyewear, for whom Rebekah works in San Francisco.

A little research and I think they're model no 1204. She will no doubt correct me if they're not...


  1. Hi Rob

    enjoying your blog and thanks for coming down to the party and for your Kirk Originals features.All you enthusiasts out there, you are always welcome at our parties - join our mailing list to receive invites

  2. Rebekah's been in touch and I was only one out. The wonderful specs that adorn her face are actually SEE 1205, not SEE 1204!