Sunday 28 March 2010

Heston Blumenthal's glasses by Bugatti in spotlight with Waitrose campaign

Heston Blumenthal wears customised Bugatti glasses in the Waitrose campaign

UK supermarket Waitrose has begun a huge marketing drive featuring Michelin-starred chef Heston Blumenthal, above, and the UK's favourite cook Delia Smith. TV ads, billboards and print ads for Heston Blumenthal and Delia Smith's recipe for great food have once again got people asking where they can buy the chef's specs. I've been inundated with emails, well two.

The glasses are by Bugatti, but it's not that simple. They're not easy to come by. Optician Michel Guillon's boutique, just off the Kings Road in London, offers exclusive Bugatti designs. Spectacles Blog says they're model number MG005, and that they're customised by Michel Guillon. Can you still get them? I'm not sure. Certainly, Guillon still stocks Bugatti models with "MG" product codes; his website features MG001 to MG008, except there's no MG005. :(

Fear not though, Bugatti has hundreds of great designs many of which incorporate some of Heston's glasses' features.

UPDATE, 27 May 2011
Heston has changed his glasses! He is now wearing a pair of Kirk Originals...


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