Monday, 16 August 2010

Round glasses from Rims & Goggles - striking if they suit

Round glasses from RoundGlasses: Architect in Cardinal Red

Round glasses from RoundGlasses: Rondo Due in high-contrast tortoiseshell

Round glasses from RoundGlasses: Jacqueline in purple
Homer Owner of Rims & Goggles Optical Boutique in San Francisco is the first to admit that round glasses are not for everyone, but he adds, "when a man or a woman has the personality and facial structure that can be complimented by wearing round glasses, there will be few things in their wardrobe that are as strikingly individual".

Homer has a point, if they suit you they are brilliant. Here we showcase a few from Rims & Goggles' own RoundGlasses collection. Top is Architect in Cardinal Red, next down are the "high-contrast" tortoiseshell Rondo Due frames and finally the not-quite-round Jacqueline in a great crystal purple.


  1. so chic. round glasses are kind of hard to pull off but these are so beautiful i would just buy a pair to look at them...

    <33 [v] hobovogue

  2. Ah looks wonderful. I hope you don´t mind if I take pics and sometimes text from you to show my Swedish readers. You have such a great blog:) (and I always link back to you) Bye Bye from åsa at

  3. No probs åsa - feel free!

  4. how to order one? So cute. I'm in Bangkok, Thailand.

  5. So cute... How do I get one? I'm in Bangkok, Thailand.