Tuesday 28 December 2010

Prada 2011 glasses and sunglasses - the bolder the better

Prada SS2011 sunglasses - the bolder the better

2011 could be an exciting year for eyewear if these Prada spring-summer 2011 ads are anything to go by...

Whether these elaborate sunglasses make it into production remains to be seen. Recent Prada show pieces have been released, so fingers crossed (see Prada Swing and the PR19MS)!

Prada SS2011 glasses - the bolder the better


  1. This collection is really gorgeous! And it also has futuristic tones. Prada sunglasses are really extravagant!

  2. Prada
    sunglasses are my fav!!!! They're so luxurious!!!!And the quality of material
    is the best!!!