Tuesday 29 May 2012

ID please: Lily wears black chunky frames at LFW

ID please: Lily wears black chunky frames at LFW - Photo: Vanessa Jackman

We have done one of our unidentified frame posts for a while. Vanja in Croatia spotted this picture of model Lily Zhi on Vanessa Jackman's blog and, understandably, wants to know who they are by. Answers on a postcard please (or email, Twitter, Facebook etc...)

With thanks to Vanessa Jackman for her photo and blogpost


  1. I want to know who make the glasses also

  2. They look like they might be pLAtOy - http://www2.odn.ne.jp/platoydjet/www2.odn.ne.jp_platoydjet/Welcome_to_pLAtOy.html

    The certainly look Japanese to me....

  3. Those are awesome looking glasses, if you want to see the latest in eyewear for 2012, please check out Liquid Eyewear at: http://www.pchonlineoutfitters.com

  4.  Thanks Andy for the info.

  5. Rob,

    Thanks so much for publishing this and also thanks to Andy who gave his guess on these glasses.
    But unfortunately no distribution here in Europe and I didn't find that exact model on pLAtOy page.

    If you maybe have a suggestion for similar frames please do let me know.