Sunday 15 March 2015

Blake Kuwahara's frame within a frame

Blake Kuwahara glasses 2015: Eames Blake Kuwahara glasses 2015: Corbu

Blake Kuwahara has been designing top-notch specs for the likes of Kata, Carolina Herrera and Coach but last year he launched a glasses collection under his own name, and EWG likes what it sees.

I've previously talked about the contrast between the shape of the outer frame and and the inner frame and it can create dramatic effects on the look of a pair of glasses. What Blake has done is added another dimension by producing frames which appear to have another frame inside, what he calls frame within a frame.

Great results as you can see here with Eames (top) and Corbu (above).

Handmade in Japan and oozing quality, Blake Kuwahara glasses will cost you around the $600 mark.


  1. Jimmy Choo is very nice and fashionable brand ever i seen.Beautiful sunglasses. Also, where do you get your hair done? The colour is fantastic and I’m searching for a new colourist!

  2. One of a kind eyewear. I would like to buy this one for my Nephew who just finished his secondary school. I tried checking on an online shop that sells coach eyewear but I got no luck at all. Can you tell me where to buy this eyewear please? Here's the shop I visited by the way - Thank you.