Sunday 27 September 2009

Kirk Originals vintage Ezra glasses: thrill o' the thrift

Kirk Originals Ezra - vintage glassesMrs Eyewearglasses, Beck, is the real queen of charity shops, as demonstrated by these incredible Kirk Originals Ezra spectacles which she snapped up for just £20.

I love the juxtaposition (yes, one of those) of the 1950s metal brow and temples with the modern acetate frame, including the Kirk signature shape where the outer-lower corners are diagonally trimmed away. Beautifully made.

Not sure how old these are but I expect someone in the know will leave a comment with an approx date...

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rob - these are great frames and Mrs Beck got a bargain. They were made in 1997 using limited edition unused sides from the early 1960's and newly designed fronts. Enjoy them!
    Jason Kirk