Monday 21 September 2009

SJP wears Jee Vice sunglasses in SATC2 too

Sex and the City 2 - sunglasses by Jee ViceSex and the City 2 - sunglasses by Jee ViceSex and the City 2 - sunglasses by Jee Vice
Sex and the City 2 - sunglasses by Jee Vice
Now Sex and the City 2 is not high up my list of must-see movies: a) because most sequels suck, b) because they're still filming it, and c) while I'm fully in touch with my feminine side, SATC2 is way too girlie for me.

That said, I hear tell that the clothing and accessories are of note.

I've felt the need to explain this for three reasons: a) when embarking on a glasses blog I did not envisage the celeb angle would be quite so unavoidable; b) I have already featured a SATC2 sunglasses post just t'other week, namely "SJP" wearing Mykita and Bernard Willhelm's Flash sunglasses, and I don't want people thinking this is a fansite; and c) I found a brand that hitherto I knew very little about, Jee Vice.

The very little I did know was that a designer formerly of sports eyewear brand Arnette now designed something less sporty and more cool - fashion cool, not surf cool.

That designer, I now know, Philippe Vergez, set up Jee Vice in 2003 and I was amazed that I didn't know more.

Look at the Jee Vice website to have a browse of the wide variety of great designs (I particularly like Dyslexia) or have a look right here at SJP and KC wearing Heated Orange Jubilee and Red Hot Deep Purple.

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