Tuesday 4 May 2010

More ace acetate sunglasses: Tim Van Steenbergen knows his grizzled skipper from his Corsican swallowtail

So it seems I started something when I raved about the acetate used in Derek Lam's 2010 sunglass style, Mauro. For I have now been nudged toward Tim Van Steenbergen's 2010 sunglasses, or more specifically Theo, by Tim Van Steenbergen...

MELLICTA ATHALIA (Heath Fritillary): A sturdy, rectangular masculine model with a double nose bridge.LIMENITIS REDUCTA (Southern White Admiral): A classic 1950s model with a keyhole nose
So where do grizzled skippers and Corsican swallowtails come into it? TVS's sunnies are all named after butterflies - hover over each image for Latin and common names. Four more Tim Van Steenbergen shades through here... (or below if you can see them already...)

HESPERIA COMMA (Silver-spotted Skipper): the model which reminds you most of explorers and archaeologists thanks to its large round shape. The pair of glasses has a keyhole nose and double nose bridge with ajour work in the sidepiece.PYRGUS MALVAE (Grizzled Skipper) : a feminine butterfly model with a pronounced low sidepiece.PAPILIO HOSPITON (Corsican Swallowtail): A large but elegant pilot model with ajours (incised decorative openings) in the top left and right corner.COLIAS AUSTRALIS (Berger’s Clouded Yellow): A feminine model that radiates timeless elegance, just like Tim Van Steenbergen’s clothing collection.

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