Monday 25 October 2010

Dita Eyewear 2010 - new shades for this autumn...

Dita Eyewear is one of those brands that I really should write about more often. It ticks numerous boxes. Extremely good Japanese, handmade quality; a really broad collection of detailed and intricate sunglasses and glasses in both metals and acetate; and, fundamentally, really original design that sets trends rather than follows them.
These shades, left, are Dita Sun Condor. Hover over images to reveal other product names...


Dita Grandma sunglasses

Dita Senator glasses
Dita Sig sunglasses

Dita Charger sunglasses

Dita Marseille sunglasses

These final three - Sig, Charger and Marseille - are new this autumn. You can purchase Dita sunglasses in top quality locations the world over or at the Dita Legends Online Store.

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