Thursday 21 July 2011

Och eye the noo: Face à Face tartan glasses for 2012

Apologies for the inevitable Scotticism. Tartan has far further flung fashion associations than Scotland, not least punk, but any "I" sound in a headline here has to be changed for poor play-on-word and self-serving SEO motivations.

So, we find a tartan frame created not by a clan north of the border, but from across the Channel.

Paris-based Face à Face is a brand close to my heart. So much so, I even got married in a pair of Face à Face. So when I heard about the tartan glasses coming in 2012, I was confident they would be well executed, and above lies the proof.

Tartan arrives in Face à Face’s 2012 collection, with six of its bestsellers available in this material: Sagan 1 and 2, Djinn 1, Macho 1 and 2,  and Woody.

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