Monday 19 September 2011

McClintock party time: Rock Optika launch in Covent Garden

Bertie wears bespoke frames made by McClintock Eyewear

McClintock Eyewear in Covent Garden, London, is famed not only for its superior collection of handmade glasses, but also for its parties. We've frequently turned up for our fill of glasses – of wine and of the spectacular.

McClintock last week hosted the official launch of the wonderful Rock Optika collection, as made by Tom Herrington and previewed here last month, so here are few pictures from the night...

Opening picture: Rock Optika's Key Largo. Above Bertie wears a bespoke frame made by McClintock. And below are a collection of pictures taken by Julian Cox, who's rather handy with the iPhone camera, and a few by EWG.

To get more of an idea of the lovely frames in stock in McClintock, have a look here. Finally, Dr Savage performs a poem...
Brian McGinn in his own creation. Photo: Julian Cox
Séamus McClintock in Kilsgaard.
Photo: Julian Cox
Dr Savage in Rock Optika. Photo: Julian Cox
Funk Eyewear. Photo: Julian Cox

Tom Herrington in his own Rock Optika. Photo: Julian Cox
Eyewear designer Lawrence Jenkin
Eyewear designer Lawrence Jenkin in vintage
1980s Anglo American Optical. Photo: EWG
Hydron in Funk. Photo: EWG
Sophia in Kirk Originals. Photo: EWG

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