Wednesday 12 August 2009

Christian Roth aviators - a different take on a classic look

Christian Roth aviator sunglasses 14032 in brown
Christian Roth aviator sunglasses 14032 in brown
I've failed thus far to find an even close answer to Mike_1992's tweet wanting to know who these aviators are by, but my quest remains and we (me and my slowly developing spectacle blogging community) will soon come up with a half decent answer. One day.

The pic in question is from the 1970s or 80s, a period when, growing up, to be frank, I knew not my Histoire du Voirs from my Julbo. Even now I admit my knowledge of vintage bins is a tad patchy.

So, the best I can do - and it don't come much better - is a little Christian Roth... More of whom I shall write about soon. Until then, here is model 14032, an aviator sunglass with a difference, or two.

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