Tuesday 4 August 2009

Oliver Peoples glasses suit anybody - and here's the proof

Have I just doubled, quadrupled even, the number of pictures on Eye Wear Glasses?

Big thanks to Dafna Talmon who's photographed hundreds of people wearing her fantastic Oliver Peoples Tycoon glasses. Brownie point for those who can spot the celebrities.

Dafna's organising Markivim - Hebrew for wearing glasses - "a public urban-interactive exhibition, that will combine aspects of fashion, social networking, online sharing, loss of self and limitless exhibitionism..."

More details at www.markivim.com


  1. PMarkivim: exhibition and a charity event
    roject Markivim, by artist Dafna Talmon, started about one year ago with an innocent enough purchase of a pair of over-sized Oliver Peoples eyeglasses; Interest gathered, and when people wouldn't stop asking to try them on, Talmon started snapping, and kept going ever since.

    While the project is constantly growing with more participants captured by Talmon's lenses and then captured on her lens, curator Moran Shoub began working with Talmon on bringing to exhibition to life, focusing on involving the visitors in the show itself – many of the visitors will actually already be involved, by being the subjects of the photos on display.

    Furthermore, visitors will be encouraged to bring their old pairs of corrective or sun glasses to be gathered in a large pile and donated to the international organization “Lions”.

    Talmon is now seeking financial support or sponsorship to aid in bringing the exhibition to life. Contact Talmon at +972 (52) 345 0909 or by email: dafna @ markivim.com

  2. soo cool! o also have a photo with these eyeglasses!

  3. Are these the Oliver Peoples Tycoon's or the Ari's?

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