Tuesday 26 January 2010

IC! Berlin gets naked and noticed at Berlin Fashion Week

I don't mean this to become a theme. Everybody knows that sex sells (Tom Ford Eyewear ads are testament to that).

Imagine my surprise yesterday morning as I settled down with a coffee and a copy of the Metro on a London train when I spotted a picture of a man, kneeling on a runway at Berlin fashion week, completely starkers except for some black tape around his eyes, wrists and body.

"Designer Ralph Ander [sic]... at Berlin Fashion Show..," read the caption. Hold on, I know someone called Ralph Anderl in Berlin, he of spectacle geniuses IC! Berlin, and this chap looks familiar, although the lack of clothes makes it harder to tell (I don't know him that well).

Then I remembered the guys at IC! were up to something... http://wehavenothing.com - a project combining fashion, art and charity - find out about wehavenothing here

And so the clever chaps at IC! Berlin manage to grab the world's attention ("Read the 76 other news articles" said Google News) for the hardest feats in fashion: Promoting glasses on the runway. Look out for Ralph lying down in the buff, oh, and for loads of great new designs...

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